Courses and Outreach Resources

Undergraduate Courses

  • History of Evolutionary Thought (ANTH 3307), Texas State University -- syllabus
    Using an anthropology of science perspective, we trace the evolutionary ideas from Aristotle through Darwin, the modern synthesis, up to modern debates in evolutionary biology, paying close attention to the interrelationships of science, society, and ideologies on the development of evolutionary thought.

  • Primate Behavior (ANTH 3342), Texas State University -- syllabus
    We explore how environmental and social factors have influenced the diversity of primate social organizations and behavior.

  • Human Variation and Adaptation (ANTH 3343), Texas State University -- syllabus
    We investigate the biological variation present in human populations using evolutionary and anthropological frameworks, exploring how (1) natural selection, drift, and culture have influenced genetic and phenotypic differences within and between human populations, and (2) how studies of human variation have impacted society in the past and present.

  • Biological Anthropology (ANTH 2414), Spring 2017, Texas State University

  • Graduate Courses

  • Human Variation and Adaptation (ANTH 3353), Texas State University -- syllabus

  • Outreach Activities and Resources

    2011 --Primate and Mammal Color Vision
    Interactive activity for K-12 teachers through UT Austin Hot Science Cool Talks Outreach Series designed to help K-12 teachers develop lesson plans on trichromatic color vision and "color blindness" in primates.
    Powerpoint Slides for "Primate and Mammal Color Vision"
    In class activity on trichromatic color vision adaptable for different student grade levels.